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Hotels 100+ keys
Multifamily over 100 units
Land (Shovel Ready)
Shopping Malls  (all cash, any size)
Real Estate Portfolio's
Real Estate Notes (PN & NPN)
Foreclosure Bailout (Commercial)












VIP Property Management & VIP Realty, works independently for private and institutional investors, investment funds and high profile developers. We offer premium commercial real estate that is not available on the open market.

 VIP is known as one of the industry leaders for Off-Market acquisitions & dispositions, bringing buyers and sellers together within 72 hours.
Due to the utmost privacy, due diligence documents are only shared with direct buyers that sign the assets confidentiality agreement. 
VIP provides a world-class service to clients who are in search of hard to find assets.
We are committed to being at the forefront of the real estate industry by doing all that we can to exceed our clients expectations.
Our philosophy is simple. We identify and present amazing real estate opportunities to our investors where they can add value and deliver profitable returns.



Acquisitions Criteria

Letter of Intent within 72 hours, close under 30 days

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Buy & Sell under the radar
Settle for nothing less than VIP Service.
VIP is continually looking to innovate and diversify our footprint by sourcing new and exciting Off-Market opportunities.

Business Meeting



Who leads Team VIP?
Giles Pottinger

Licensed Commercial Broker Since 2002

In today’s hyper-competitive world of luxurious high-profile commercial & residential real estate, one name stands apart from the rest — Giles Pottinger. Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Mr. Pottinger's well rounded upbringing has provided him with the experience and knowledge to build strong relationships with clients and investors world-wide. Licensed as a Mortgage and Real Estate Broker, Rather than retiring with the 2008 sub-prime mortgage collapse in which he owned a very successful mortgage brokerage, Mr. Pottinger transformed and continued within the real estate industry by exclusively focusing on Off-Market transactions between commercial buyers and sellers. Mr. Pottinger has built a powerhouse network of experienced independent team members to ensure that his clients needs are always met! 

"We do not declare success until you declare success."
- Giles Pottinger CEO



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