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VIP Associated COMMERCIAL Brokers -  specialize in the South Florida, and surrounding areas of selling or purchasing of commercial real estate for business owners and investors. Financing, construction and management services are also available. We also have access to 20,000 + properties in the targeted market.  We specialize in acquisition or disposition of your property along with IRS 1031 tax deferred exchanges and/or leasing of your property or portfolio of properties.

VIP to "The Market"  - With our over 25+ years in the Broward County/ South Florida markets, we have built the marketing/sales experience you need to get moving. Whether you're Selling, Leasing or Buying... GET VIP ASSOCIATED AND GET MOVING!

VIP to Clients - Over the last decade we have accumulated information on thousands of business names, properties and their owners. We have kept rapport with them through direct contact, mail and general knowledge in the market and fully computerized the information to track potential buyers, sellers and tenants. This network allow us to know when, why and where they want to move. Our network creates the association you need to achieve YOUR GOALS in the timely manner you require.

VIP to Brokers - With the computerized Multiple Listing Service we are familiarized daily with changes and updates in the commercial market. Our contact with several hundred other brokers NATION WIDE allows us the reciprocation of information that gives you the additional edge you need to make things happen quickly.

VIP to Bankers/Lenders -  We presently have multiple lenders that specialize specifically in the commercial market. We can get you the money you need to acquire development funding, purchase multifamily properties, portfolios, hotels etc. With our long term, established network of VIP lending partners, we have the ability to secure the FUNDING needed to make your vision a reality!